Best mobile apps for your home and garden

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The world is becoming technologically savvy by the day. The smartphone has become an essential part of most people’s lives as it not only aids in communication but also in organization. If you’ve been looking for help in improving the look of your home or garden, you should probably get a mobile app for that.

There are many apps out there to help you in your renovation, home repair and garden project. Our friends over at Quick Mobile Fix have reviewed the best apps out there and put them into his handy guide for us to share.  Let’s take a look!

HandyMan Sidekick is a mobile app that calculates the exact amount of a given material that you will need for your house. If you want to add a fresh coat of paint or a roll of wallpaper, this app will help you get the accurate amount of the material you’ll need. All you do is input the dimensions of your room and include the number of windows and doors in that room. It also helps in gardening and flooring projects.

Eden Garden Designer is a fun mobile app that helps you plan out your garden. You can sketch out your ideal garden landscape or take a photo of the patch of land that you want to plow. You can also select the best flower scheme from a selection of plant images. You can include factors like climate, season and plant type to get the perfect garden.

If your plants have been ridden by diseases, you might need The Plant Doctor. This is an app that helps you find out what diseases are affecting your crops. It does this by selecting from a database of 32 common plant symptoms to deduce the exact problem. If your problem doesn’t come up, this app allows you to take photos of your diseased plants. It sends these photos to professional pathologists who then get back to you with remedies.

iHandy Carpenter is a very interesting app that helps you pick out the right tools for the job. It has a digital plumb bob as well as a bubble level, both of which help you know if your walls and surfaces are straight. It also has a cool digital ruler that can measure objects that are much larger than your phone. Its digital protractor helps you to accurately piece together pieces.

If you are planning to build a home extension, Home Sizer is the perfect app for you. It maps out the square footage you’ll need and calculates the cost of construction. If you want to build your home from the ground up, this app gives you mortgage cost estimates so you can make size adjustments.

I.D. Wood is an app that helps you get all the information you need about timber. It has a gallery of photos and specs of 160 different types of wood. You can look for wood with your favourite color and also check its sustainability and durability to get the ideal timber. This app also helps you figure out how to cut your wood and which nails to build with.

With such a wide selection of home and garden mobile apps out there, your job just became easier.

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Four Ultimate Tips for Growing Roses

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ne of the most beautiful flowers, which is certainly loved by all people as for their delightful smell and amazing appearance are most definitely roses. They are the most exquisite of flowers, which can bring joy and happiness in every situation. Fortunately for gardening enthusiasts, growing roses is not a difficult task. It does; however, require some effort and commitment, but the end all results will most definitely be worth it. So, here are the best tips on growing roses that will make a lovely present for you and anyone you care for.

  1. Select the Right Roses

The most important thing is most definitely the selection of the plant. Picking the right type of garden roses require some expert advice or a little bit of research. Some roses require more care than other plants, so check how much care you can provide and choose the type you will be able to maintain with ease. Also, when buying plants you will see that the sources are graded – make sure you pick the highest grade because these plants have better quality, in terms of size, smell, growth, etc. Do not be cheap, since this will only diminish the potential of your success. Instead, buy top grade roses, with fully developed roots and which have at least two strong canes, and you will not be disappointed.


  • Select the Right Place

  • Just like the quality of the flowers that you plant is important, the quality of the soil where you plant your roses is equally important. You should be careful when picking the spot for your roses, since it should be the spot where there is at least 6 hours of sunlight, some space for air circulation, healthy soil with the right amount of alkaline soils and other plants. If you plant your roses next to different flowers and herbs they will thrive, as opposed to being isolated in your garden.a3ba7ab098e63fe404f32578d75f9f1c

    1. Nourish Your Roses Properly

    Choose the fertilizers and nutrients with care. Just like you would choose your food or food for a pet, your roses get their energy form fertilizers and they deserve the best. Avoid nitrogen-rich fertilizers which can over-stimulate the growth if leaves. Water the roses correctly, in the morning and in the evening and water their roots.


    1. Protect Your Roses from Insects and Diseases

    Be aware that pests and diseases will always try to attack your roses, but you must be prepared for it. You will be able to control insects by using other plants and herbs which will repel them. Fungal diseases which might attack your roses can be controlled with use of sprays which are available in garden centers, the only advice is that you stick to the instructions and apply the sprays in the right, recommended amount.

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